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Over the past several years, more people have chosen to print their books in shorter runs than typically had been done before. “Short Run” simply means small quanitities. These runs are often, but not always, done digitally. These runs are usually done quicker not only because the smaller quantity, but due to less stages throughout the plant. The path from when we receive the file to when we ship it is usually shorter. Another benefit of short runs is the ability to have your books on demand. Should you need more, we will already have your files on hand to just print a few extra copies off. At Ball Media, our Short Run Book Production produces books for Authors, Publishers and Individuals in quantities of 25 or fewer and right up to 1000.

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Authors and Publishers use Short Run Production for things such as:

  1. Inventory upkeep
  2. Advance Reading Copies
  3. Bringing Out of Print titles back to life
  4. New Titles
  5. Limited Releases
  6. Backlists
  7. Reorders
  8. Virtual Warehousing

At Ball Book factory we pride ourselves in the quality of our short run titles.

Call or email us today for more information or to request a quote click here

1 888 256 3472

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